Scientific Journals

Peer-reviewed publications

[7]  Bierbach D, Krause S, Romanczuk P, Lukas J, Arias-Rodriguez L, Krause J (under review) Social networks in the presence and absence of visual cues.

[6]   Bierbach D, Mönck HJ, Lukas J, Habedank M, Romaczuk P, Landgraf T, Krause J (under review) Guppies prefer to follow large (robot) leaders irrespective of own size.

[5]   Bierbach D,  Landgraf T, Romanczuk P, Lukas J, Nguyen H, Wolf M, Krause J (2018) Using a robotic fish to investigate individual differences in social responsiveness in the guppyRoyal Society Open Science 5: 181026.

[4]   Bierbach D, Lukas J, Bergmann A, Elsner K, Höhne L, Weber C, Weimar N, Arias-Rodriguez L, Mönck HJ, Nguyen H, Romanczuk P, Landgraf T, Krause J (2018) Insights into the Social Behavior of Surface and Cave-Dwelling Fish (Poecilia mexicana) in Light and Darkness through the Use of a Biomimetic Robot. Frontiers in Robotics and AI 5: 3.

[3]   Lukas J,  Kalinkat G, Kempkes M, Rose U, Bierbach D (2017) Feral guppies in Germany – a critical evaluation of a citizen science approach as biomonitoring tool. Bulletin of Fish Biology 17: 13-27.

[2]   Piria M, Copp GH, Dick JTA, Duplić A, Groom Q, Jelić D, Lucy FE, Roy HE, Sarat E, Simonović P, Tomljanović T, Tricarico E, Weinlander M, Adámek Z, Bedolfe S, Coughlan NE, Davis E, Dobrzycka-Krahel A, Grgić Z, Kīrankaya SG, Ekmekçi FG, Lajtner J, Lukas JAY, Koutsikos N, Mennen GJ, Mitić B, Pastorino P, Ruokonen TJ, Skóra ME, Smith ERC, Šprem N, Serhan Tarkan A, Treer T, Vardakas L, Vehanen T, Vilizzi L, Zanella D, Caffrey JM (2017) Tackling invasive alien species in Europe II: threats and opportunities until 2020Management of Biological Invasions 8(3): 273-286.

[1]   Lukas JAY, Jourdan J, Kalinkat G, Emde S, Miesen FW, Jüngling H, Cocchiararo B, Bierbach D (2017) On the occurrence of three non-native cichlid species including the first record of a feral population of Pelmatolapia (Tilapia) mariae (Boulenger, 1899) in EuropeRoyal Society Open Science 4: 170160.

Other publications


Kempkes M, Lukas J, Bierbach D (eds.) (2018) Tropische Neozoen in heimischen FließgewässernDie Neue-Brehm Bücherei (NBB kompakt) 755, VerlagsKG Wolf, Magdeburg: 148 pp. [popular science book in German]

Contributions to edited volumes equivalent to peer-reviewed journals

Lukas J, Bierbach D (2018) Häufigkeit von (sub)tropischen Arten in thermisch-belasteten Gewässern in Deutschland und Konsequenzen für die lokale Biodiversität. In: Korn, Dünnfelder & Schliep (eds.) Treffpunkt Biologische Vielfalt XVI. BfN-Skripten 487: 158-163 [Conference report synthesizing the ‘Interdisziplinäre Wissenschaftstagung zur Biodiversitätsforschung im Rahmen der Convention on Biological Diversity’, in German]

Nilsen TO, Lukas J, Valen R, Helvik JV, Ebbesson LOE, Rønnestad I, Hamre K, Handeland SO, Stefansson SO (2015) Utvikling av osmoregulerings-systemet hos torskelarver start-fôret på rotatorier eller naturlig zooplanktonNorsk Fiskeoppdrett Expert  1: 36-38. [special issue in collaboration with the CODE project, in Norwegian]


Lukas J (2017) Behavioural adaptations of a feral guppy population (Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859) to temperature gradients in thermally polluted freshwaters in Germany [Master thesis, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany]

Lukas J (2014) The expression of two osmoregulatory genes in Atlantic cod larvae (Gadus morhua L.) under the influence of two different diets: an ontogenetic study [Bachelor thesis, Free University of Berlin, Germany]