The research track: closing the funding gap from MSc to PhD

There are a range of different sources of funding available for prospective PhD students of the Humboldt University of Berlin:

Humboldt Research Track Scholarship

In September 2017 I was chosen as one of ‘s research track scholars!

This unique Scholarship supports Master’s students from the Humboldt-University Berlin, who plan to pursue a PhD. It is a great opportunity for Early Career Researchers to get funded while planning the next steps of their career. Check out the details here.

The scholarship enabled me to publish some of the data from my master thesis and secure funding for my actual PhD.

Elsa-Neumann-Scholarship of the State of Berlin

Since the beginning of 2018 I am one step closer to my PhD dream project. The state of Berlin issues grants to young researchers for up to three years and  I submitted my proposal in November 2017.

FYI: Elsa Neumann was the first woman to receive a PhD in physics from the University of Berlin in 1899. She tragically died only three years later, as a result of a fatal accident that occurred when she was conducting experiments in the laboratory.

What to consider:

1) With 1000€ per month, this scholarship provides some financial aid, but it is a far stretch considering that taxfree third-party-funded research scholarships are non-combinable and come without health insurance and social security. For three years!

2) Scholarship holders are not employed, so the only real obligation they have is to devote their time fully to their research project. Sounds wonderful, however, this freedom also means that they are not entitled to the 4-6 weeks of statutory paid holidays or any state-subsidized benefits such as sickness payments.