Juliane Lukas
PhD student
I am a pre-doctoral researcher studying the mechanisms and functions underlying group-living and cooperative behaviors in animals with an emphasis on collective predator evasion. I have strong interests in how consistent individual differences ('personality') drive collective behavior and influence social dynamics in naturally gregarious animals. I implement observational and experimental approaches in the lab and field, combining concepts and methods from ethology, ecology and evolutionary biology with statistical and mathematical models.

Collective Predator Evasion:

Predator avoidance in extremophile fishes – mechanisms and functions underlying repeated fright waves​

Shoaling behavior & sociability:

Real-time behavior tracking and social cue manipulations via a biomimetic robot (Robofish)​

Consequences of Behavioral types:

Using thermally altered aquatic systems to study behavioral invasion syndromes along environmental gradients

Skills & ExperienceS

Inter- and intra-specific behavioural assays

Image-based tracking of animal behavior (e.g. EthoVision, Biotracker)

Using a biomimetic robot to study animal behaviour (Robofish)

Fieldwork in extreme environments (i.e. sulphur springs, caves)

Data mining & processing (e.g. R, SAS and Python)

Data visualisation & analysis (e.g. R, SAS, Prism, Python)

Scientific writing (i.e. publications, small grant proposals)

Presentation skills (oral and poster)

International collaboration & mobility

Science communication & outreach

​Mentoring volunteers and undergraduate students

Project management

EducatioN & Training

Mechanisms and functions of collective predator evasion (Advisors: Jens Krause, Pawel Romanczuk)

Behavioural adaptations of a feral guppy population (Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859) to temperature gradients in thermally polluted freshwaters in Germany (Advisors: Jens Krause, Jonathan Jeschke)

The expression of two osmoregulatory genes in Atlantic cod larvae (Gadus morhua L.) under the influence of two different diets: an ontogenetic study (Advisors: Sigurd O. Stefansson, Klement Tockner)

Animal Care Traineeship conducting surveys on shark and marine mammal activity and maintaining the breeding program of South African jackass penguins (SAAMBR Volunteer of the Year 2010)

Dive Control Specialist Traineeship: scuba diving work experience program (SSI Dive Control Specialist with 100+ logged dives)