Biologist | Scientific Project Manager | Subject Matter Expert

Hey! I am a passionate Life Sciences professional with a deep love for aquatic life and experiences in academic research, science management and consultancy.

Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have been captivated by the intricate dynamics of collective animal behavior, such as the synchronized movements of schooling fish. Exploring the ways in which creatures interact and cooperate within aquatic ecosystems has been my primary focus in research. Additionally, I have delved into the study of invasive aquatic species, understanding their impact on native ecosystems and the consequential ecological imbalances and economic consequences they can cause.

With over five years of experience in project management within scientific, academic, and voluntary roles, I have honed my expertise in effectively managing and coordinating various scientific endeavors. Currently, I hold the position of a scientific project manager at the DLR Project Management Agency, where I specialize in software intensive systems and artificial intelligence. This role has broadened my expertise beyond the realm of aquatic life, enabling me to contribute to the implementation and monitoring of national funding programs that foster innovation and support entrepreneurship across diverse industries.

In addition to my current roles, I also offer freelance services. For example, as a subject matter expert in study program accreditation, I am dedicated to promoting quality, transparency, and equity in research and academic institutions. Drawing upon my professional experiences, I ensure that educational programs meet rigorous standards and provide students with exceptional learning opportunities.